Position title
Chief of Staff in the Office of the ASUC Executive Vice President

To understand the purpose and functions of the Office, and to view a detailed position and organizational description of the Office, follow this link:


Deadline for this position: Wednesday, January 27th, 6:00 pm Pacific Standard Time.

Selected applicants will be invited at midnight of Wednesday, the 22nd to attend an interview on the morning of Friday, the 23rd.

Decisions will be released on Friday, midnight.

The selected candidate must also attend a 3-hour orientation by the EVP and the current Chief of Staff at a date the following week.

For questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Andy Theocharous (ASUC Executive Vice President at evp@asuc.org), or Chris Wang (ASUC Executive Vice President Chief of Staff at evpchief@asuc.org).

Job Description: The Chief-of-Staff is effectively the second in command to the Executive Vice President. All Directors report to their respective Chief and the Chief conveys the necessary information to the EVP. Their scope is generally broad as they manage the entire office, assist in policy decisions and attend meetings with high administrative officials along with the EVP. They are considered an official of the ASUC. When the EVP is not present, the Chief-of-Staff is expected to speak on behalf of the EVP and express his thoughts and concerns on select issues. They are also in charge of hiring and recruiting of the entire office. Chief of Staff is required to serve the entire semester until the last day of instruction of the Spring 2020 semester.

The Chief of Staff will oversee the following departments:

Policy Reform
Student Union Affairs
International Student Affairs


Policy Reform:

- Increase career services by advocating for more internship coordinators, L&S counsellors as well as funding for summer internship stipends.
- Advocate for more scholarship advising support.

Student Union Affairs:

- Reform the business structure of the Student Union to improve sales and revenue
- Reform how the RSO Sprouling network
- Advise the EVP on negotiating reform on revenue-sharing with the university on the Student Union's business operations.

International Affairs:

- Advocate for permanent funding for the Berkeley International Office.
- Decrease the amount of CPT units for a variety of courses on this campus.
- Advocate for a greater amount of scholarship services.


Strong leadership skills.
Strong communication skills.
Ability to strategize well and navigate the ASUC as well as the university infrastructure.
Necessity of taking initiative in undertaking new projects and ensuring the well-functioning of the office.
Experience in human resources is required.
Experience in leading previous Registered Student Organizations is required.
Previous ASUC experience is preferred, but not required.

Time commitment:

10-14 hours per week.
1-hour meeting with the EVP and the Directors of each department.
3-4 hours of communicating, meeting and drafting policy documents with the EVP.
3-4 hours of meeting and communicating with directors, associates and university officials and addressing their needs and concerns.
3-4 hours strategizing and attending Senate meetings and other meetings with ASUC bodies and units.
1 hour compiling weekly reports to the ASUC.

The Chief-of-Staff will receive a stipend of $500 for their work at the end of the semester.

Valid through
January 27, 2020

Position: Chief of Staff in the Office of the ASUC Executive Vice President

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