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ASUC Public Defender Application

Produced by the Judicial Council, this application is for the next Public Defender of the ASUC. Please carefully read the information and instructions below before completing your application.

APPLICATION DUE: October 9th, 2021 *11:59pm

As per Article IV Section 7 of the ASUC Constitution:

A. There shall exist a Public Defender who shall offer representation to any person or organization who is a respondent in a Judicial Council matter brought by the Association or one of its subordinate bodies, if the respondent chooses to use their services, unless the matter is brought against a person acting in their capacity as an Association official. While not participating in any Judicial Council matter, the Public Defender shall carry out such tasks as assigned in the Bylaws and by the Senate.
B. The Public Defender shall be nominated by the Judicial Council and shall be appointed by the Senate through the same process as the Appointed Officers in Article III-B of this Constitution, given that the Senate shall not be prevented from doing business if the Judicial Council fails to nominate the Public Defender. The office may become vacant for the same reasons as in Article III-B.
C. The Public Defender shall cease any work prescribed by the Bylaws or Senate during a Judicial Council matter if it would create potential for a conflict of interests.
D. If the Public Defender has not been appointed, is unavailable, or is unable to represent a respondent due to a conflict of interests, the Judicial Council shall be required to appoint a temporary Public Defender at the request of the respondent before any adjudication or hearing may commence.
E. Respondents in any suit brought by the Association or one of its subordinate bodies shall be made known of their right to a Public Defender by the Judicial Council before any adjudication or hearing may commence. Failure to do so shall be grounds for a re-hearing.

Email notifications will be sent to applicants to inform them whether or not they've have been selected to interview with Judicial Council Justices. Interviews will take place one to two weeks after the application deadline. The Council will then nominate their candidate for Public Defender to the Senate.

**Note: you are able to submit only one application per berkeley.edu email address. Any questions regarding the application can be sent to Hannah Marie Peters-Edwards, Judicial Council Chair, at judicialchair@asuc.org. The Council advises questions regarding the Public Defender's responsibilities to be answered with the governing documents in the ASUC Central Drive (https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B7_j_4L-LvIWd0pIaldkVFBMRDg).

Valid through
October 9, 2021
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Position: ASUC Public Defender Application

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