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ASUC Financial Wellness Commission Hiring

The ASUC Financial Wellness Commission's purpose is to increase students' awareness for and accessibility to financial resources and opportunities provided by campus offices, programs, and organizations; engage in dialogue with campus offices, programs, and organizations involved in work related to financial wellness, financial literacy, food security, health affordability, and housing affordability; determine issues pertinent to student financial wellness that the Commission should prioritize; host workshops and other events that improve overall student financial wellness; and most importantly, incubate a campus policy advocacy agenda that is supportive of financial wellness of students on campus, one which ensures affordable living expenses.

These are the available positions, their descriptions, and how many of each position we are hiring:
Chair (1)
Oversees the commission, attends ASUC meetings, runs commission meetings, is responsible for helping the other members of the commission with their tasks when needed.
Vice Chair (1)
Assists the Chair, will attend meetings for the Chair and substitute for the Chair when the Chair is unavailable.
Communications and Outreach Manager (1)
Responsible for emails, reaching out for partnerships with other commissions/offices/groups on campus, the commission social media and website. The Communications and Outreach Manager will have associates to assist them.
Project Managers (3)
Project Managers are responsible for overseeing the project(s) they are assigned by the Chair. Each Project Manager will have associates to assist them.
Associates (many)
Associates will be assigned to a Project Manager or the Communications and Outreach manager, and assist the Manager with tasks/projects.
All members of the commission in any position have equal weight in proposing ideas for projects/directions the commission can take. If you are interested in a Chair or Vice Chair commission, I will reach out to you to schedule an interview/talk
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Position: ASUC Financial Wellness Commission Hiring

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