Position title
ASUC Executive Vice President 2020-2021 Associate/Intern

Thank you for your interest in an Associate/Intern position (where the Associate positions will work directly under the Director of that department) within the Office of the Executive Vice President (EVP) Melvin Tangonan for the 2020-2021 year. The ASUC is a large, and often confusing institution on our campus, and you are applying to be a part of a team of intentional, community-minded leaders that will maximize the good we can do for our community.

We are striving to create an office that ensures access to the basic needs and rights of each student, provides a platform for organizations and voices to be heard, and expands inclusivity throughout campus communities.

Specifically, our goals and platforms include:

Enhancing Support for Registered Student Organizations
-Assist RSOs in navigating Student Union* spaces by creating a central and accessible event guide
-Prioritize access to traditionally underserved communities in ASUC* spaces through bylaw reforms
Ease funding allocation process for RSOs through outreach efforts including educational workshops and digital resources
-Continue Sprouling reform efforts by ensuring a central reservation system to improve RSO recruiting and retention

Improving Spaces and Funding Allocation of the University and the ASUC
-Reform 25 Live* to allow more flexibility in the space reservation system and speed up the process of reserving classrooms and lecture halls
-Hold the University accountable in prioritizing marginalized communities in the allocation of spaces including resource centers
-Institutionalize sustainability in ASUC* spaces by working with the Zero Waste Coalition* to re-envision Zero Waste Campus Goals*

Enhancing the University’s Student Services
-Enhance the University’s Career Services by employing internship coordinators and career counselors
-Provide funding for summer internships to assist low-income students through the Committee on Student Fees and Central Funding*
-Work with the Career Center* to revitalize student interest for career fairs and workshops by establishing a Career Center* Newsletter

Positions will be filled on a rolling basis.
Detailed position descriptions and qualifications can be found here: tinyurl.com/asucevp21

Any questions should be directed to the EVP Chiefs of Staff, Emily and Jedidiah, at evpchief@asuc.org.

We look forward to your application, and we're super excited to work to accomplish our #melvision this coming year!

[Priority Applications are due on the 10th of August at 11:59 PM PDT, but we will accept applications on a rolling basis!]

Valid through
August 10, 2020

Position: ASUC Executive Vice President 2020-2021 Associate/Intern

Thank you for submitting your application. We will contact you shortly!