Position title
ASUC Chief Grants & Scholarships Officer

**Applications are due August 17th by 11:59 PM**

The ASUC Office of Chief Grants & Scholarships Officer manages and overseas the distribution of all-related ASUC Grants and Scholarships including The RISE Scholarship, Student Commuter Grant, Academic Opportunity Grant, and etc. While administering these capitals, CGO works closely with Senators during the evaluation process and reports to the Finance Committee of ASUC annually. The Office aspires to maximize efficacy of each financial capital and distribute them based on impartiality. The Office strives to create transparency across all functions of the ASUC to foster a unified student body. The ASUC CGO works closely with the executives of ASUC including President and Executive Vice President.

Chief Appointed Officials are eligible to receive a maximum annual stipend of $2000. Upon completion of mandatory duties, stipend segments will be disbursed 20% after summer break, 40% after fall semester, and 40% after spring semester.

To read about the specific duties and creation of this position, please see the bylaws here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Q51YjbghcBqQJbl5q04IyDXgrbBlhU3K_BGnmkxXhvw/edit?usp=sharing

The CGO's term will end the first day after Spring 2021 Finals.

If you have any questions, please email:
ASUC Advisor <mfox3@berkeley.edu>
or AAVP <aavp@asuc.org> and cc personnel@asuc.org.

All applicants shall receive a confirmation of receipt of the application by the committee. Submitting an electronic application does not guarantee an in-person interview.

**Applications are due August 17th by 11:59 PM**

Valid through
August 17, 2020

Position: ASUC Chief Grants & Scholarships Officer

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