Amanda Hill
Queer and Trans Community Endorsed, Disabled Student Wellness, BiPOC Wellness, Community Impacts
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Amanda Hill is a third-year student in the College of Natural Resources who is pursuing a degree in Genetics and Plant Biology with a minor in Race and the Law. Amanda is a Queer/Trans Community-endorsed Senator and intends to advocate for and work with QT students to ensure that their needs are met by the campus. As a Black, Latinx, disabled, and QT student, they intend to focus on increasing institutional support for students from marginalized communities and holding administrators accountable for the wellbeing of students from underrepresented communities. As an ASUC representative, Amanda has been a member of the Academic Programming Committee for People’s Park for the past year. Despite that, they work closely with organizers in People’s Park and aim to preserve the park and its history as the center of the Free Speech and anti-war movements for which UC Berkeley is famous. They also hope to highlight the university’s money-grabbing practice of over-enrollment, which has harmed both local Bay area residents, and Cal students.





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