DeeJay Pepito

ASUC President


Office of President DeeJay Pepito

Office: 114F Heart Gymnasium
Phone: 510.642.1433
Fax: 510.643.6396
Party: CalSERVE



1. Making Campus Safety a Priority

Reported cases of sexual assault increased 95% in 2012 alone, yet less than 4% were investigated due to insufficient resources around this critical issue. All students deserve a campus climate that makes them feel safe. As ASUC President, I will create a special task force of students, faculty, administrators and UCPD to increase resources for survivors of sexual assault and develop a comprehensive and clear campus reporting system. Additionally, by creating a Chancellor’s advisory committee on women’s issues, we can ensure that our University is providing adequate resources for women on our campus to live healthy lives as students.

2. Uniting Behind Public Education

Quality public education in California has been in jeopardy due to continuous budget cuts, fee hikes, and the pursuit of inappropriate government priorities. We must maximize our efforts and work to holistically address the issues that threaten campus climate and student retention. As ASUC President, I will establish a council to engage my counterparts throughout the UC, CSU and community colleges to unite our voices behind one concerted effort. I will combine our mobilizing efforts at an annual meeting of campus representatives to form solutions to long-standing issues such as reduced student services and diversity. Now more than ever, students must unite to demand our right to an affordable public education.

3. Making Sure Administrators Work for Us

Cal students face great changes on our campus, from Lower Sproul Redevelopment to the arrival of a new Chancellor in June. As ASUC President, I will ensure that our student community is supported, and not neglected, during these transitions. I will create a new precedent for our relationship with the Chancellor by insisting that he give a State of the University address every semester to the student body. I will increase accountability of senior administrators by hosting open forums regarding decisions that impact student life. All students – not just elected officials – should be able to access our administrators on a regular basis.

CHIEF OF STAFF: Austin Pritzkat

Office Hours: TBD
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