Student Advocate

Office of the Student Advocate Stacy Suh

sastacysuhOffice: 204 Eshleman Hall
Phone: 510.642.6912
Office Hours: TBA

Personal Bio

Hello! My name is Stacy Suh, and I am a fourth-year studying English and Political Science. Student Advocate’s Office offers help to students who have disputes with the university, ranging from grade appeals and conduct violations to sexual harassment, financial aid, and residency issues. Working in the Student Advocate’s Office for the last three years has been one of my most formative and valuable experiences at Cal. As your Student Advocate, I hope to ensure fairness in the Student Conduct process, alleviate bureaucratic inefficiency in academic advising and student services, and much more.

If you have any questions or have disputes with the university and would like help, please feel free to visit the website or email me.


My platforms are centered around the following critical themes:

  • Ensure fairness in the Student Conduct process
  • Alleviate inefficiency in academic and financial aid bureaucracy
  • Improve quality and effectiveness of academic advising
  • Voice student concerns and perspectives regarding Operational Excellence and Virtual University
  • Increase student safety and UCPD accountability
  • Maintain the nonpartisan nature of the Student Advocate’s Office
  • Continue to provide free and confidential help to students who have disputes with the university

saotimofeyCHIEF OF STAFF: Timofey Semenov

Phone: 510.642.6912
Office Hours: TBA

Personal Bio:

Hi, my name is Timofey Semenov and I am a third year studying Math and Economics. I am excited for the challenge of acting as Chief of Staff for the Student Advocate’s Office, a student-run organization that helps students resolve disputes related to academics, financial aid and residency, allegations of misconduct, and grievances. In my three semesters as both a caseworker and policy coordinator in the office, I have gained a deep appreciation for SAOs ability to improve students’ quality of life. As chief, I hope to undertake most of the administrative work required to keep the office running, so that our caseworkers are free to spend their time helping students as best they can. In addition, I will assist ASUC Student Advocate Stacy Suh in her efforts to tackle pressing issues facing the university––including the necessity of ensuring fair implementation of the revised code of student conduct.

Please feel free to email me with any questions about the office or how SAO can help you.

For more information, visit the SAO Website.