Academic Affairs VP


Office of the Academic Affairs Vice President Natalie Gavello

Office: 203 Eshleman Hall
Phone: 510.642.0256
Fax: 510.643.639
Office Hours: TBA
Party: Student Action-UNITE Greek-APPLE Engineering

Personal Bio:

Hey Cal Bears! My name is Natalie Gavello, and I am a third year majoring in ISF: Globalization and Consumer Behavior. I am so honored to be able to represent you in my position this year as AAVP.

In the past, I have served as a marketing director for InternMatch, and Slugbooks, both sites dedicated to helping find students resources towards jobs and cheaper textbooks. I have been an active member of Autism Speaks, and Theater for Charity. I am a member of the Jewish Community here at Berkeley, and participate in Challah for Hunger, a non-profit organization that sells bread, whose proceeds go towards helping end violence in Darfur. I have a large passion for Theater, and have taken TDPS classes here on campus, as well as been Social Chair of Theater for Charity. I am also a sister of Delta Gamma, and have served as Sisterhood Chair, and GAMMA representative in the past.

In my free time, I love to hike, cook, model, act, and hang with friends. My favorite part of Berkeley is Sproul plaza when the clock strikes noon, and I love Berkeley because of all of the great people that have inspired me every day since coming to this campus.


Students, now more than ever, need to have professional support. I will work with the Career Center to extend resources to lower classmen, while also expanding career fairs and increasing the diversity of firms brought to Cal for recruiting. I will make Callisto more effective by revamping the website’s interface, and bring specialized resume workshops for a variety of majors.

I will ensure that student voices are heard, and student resources aren’t being cut. I will create independent surveys to show the effects of cuts on students. I will fight for more transparency in Operational Excellence. I will also pair faculty who create academic policy with ASUC Senators to ensure student input, and reform the ASUC bylaws to create a more efficient way to elect students to Academic Senate Committees.

Students shouldn’t struggle to find study spaces. As AAVP, I will make full use of our campus facilities by bringing outlets, proper lighting, and security to turn unused spaces into study spaces. I will bring student and alumni initiated fundraising to secure one library open 24 hours a day, every day. I will also place charging stations around campus so that students can use their electronics throughout the entire day.

aavpantoniaaquistapaceCHIEF OF STAFF: Antonia Aquistapace

Phone: 510.643.9830
Office Hours: Friday 12-1 PM at 114c Hearst Gym
Personal Bio:Hey Berkeley! I am an incoming sophomore and will be applying to the Haas School of Business in the fall– fingers crossed! This spring I was asked by Natalie, my big in Delta Gamma Sorority, to join the SA team for the first campaign I would ever witness. Joining this group of amazing individuals has been the best opportunity I have been given here at Cal. I can’t wait to serve this year as Chief of Staff for the AAVP Office, and I’m excited for all of the successes in the year to come! If you’d like to intern in our office, we would love to have you!