ASUC Contact Information

Feel free to contact any of the individuals below for any questions you have regarding the ASUC!


Name Position Contact Email
Donna-Jo Pepito ASUC President
Nolan Pack ASUC Executive VP
Safeena Mecklai ASUC External Affairs VP
Valerie Jameson ASUC Academic Affairs VP
Timofey Semenov ASUC Student Advocate
Austin Pritzkat ASUC President’s Chief of Staff
Mon-Shane Chou ASUC Executive VP’s Chief of Staff
Ayesha Bhardwaj ASUC External Affairs VP’s Chief of Staff
Andreas Lazaris ASUC Academic Affairs VP’s Chieff of Staff
Rishi Ahuja ASUC Student Advocate’s Chief of Staff
ASUC Senators ASUC Senators 2013-2014
All Executives President, EVP, EAVP, AAVP, SA
All Chiefs of Staff President, EVP, EAVP, AAVP, SA
ASUC Officers Executives, Senators (2011-2012), Chiefs
Briana Mullen ASUC Senator
Courtney Chow ASUC Senator
Caitlin Quinn ASUC Senator
Destiny Iwuoma ASUC Senator
Emily Truax ASUC Senator
Eric Wu ASUC Senator
Grant Fineman ASUC Senator
Justin Kong ASUC Senator
Katherine Chung ASUC Senator
Karen Lee ASUC Senator
Liza Raffi ASUC Senator
Lauren Week ASUC Senator
Naweed Mohabbat ASUC Senator
Pavan Upadhyayula ASUC Senator
Quinn Shen ASUC Senator
Solomon Nwoche ASUC Senator
Sahil Pandya ASUC Senator
Sevly Snguon ASUC Senator
Sean Tan ASUC Senator
Wendy Pacheco ASUC Senator
Jordan Tauber ASUC Office Manager
Secretariat ASUC Secretariat Office
Joe Wilson ASUC Marketing & Communications Director
James Uejio ASUC Web Secretary
Dennis Lee ASUC Finance Officer
Darrin Wallace ASUC Perspective Director
Nicolette Roger ASUC Judicial Council Chair
Kevin Sabo ASUC Attorney General
Alex Mabanta ASUC Solicitor General
Heidi Kang ASUC Comptroller General
Jina Yoo ASUC Elections Chair