Office of the President

Internal Relations and Communications Department

The Internal Relations Department facilitates internal communication and media-related matters.

Available Positions:

Graphic Design Coordinator (available!)

Website Management Coordinator (available!)

Social Media Director (filled)

Video Production Coordinator (filled)

Intern Coordinator (filled)

University-ASUC Relations Department

The University-ASUC Relations Department strives to address student issues with the UC Berkeley administration and implement programs to improve student life. The majority of work will focus on events and programs to improve student life (Fall or Spring Concert, Spring Admit Welcome Week, Confessions).

Available Positions:

Program Co-Coordinators  (filled)

Financial Sustainability Campaign Coordinator (filled)

Student Health Care Policy Coordinator (filled)

External Outreach Campaign Coordinator (filled)


Higher Education Relations Department

The Higher Education Department strives to influence public higher education policy in California. The Higher Education Department will plan and execute the first-ever Higher Education Summit, which will be a meeting of all University of California (UC), California State University (CSU), and California Community College (CCC) student government presidents and student leaders. The goal of the Higher Education Summit is to bring together as many student leaders from across the state’s public higher education system as possible so that students can develop a collective voice and vision to make change and address systemic issues facing public higher education. Additionally, the Higher Education Department will address UC Admissions Policy and UC Labor Relations issues. The Higher Education Department aims to make change throughout UC and California.

Available Positions:

University of California (UC) Liaison Coordinator (filled)

California State University (CSU) Liaison Coordinator (filled)

California Community College (CCC) Liaison Coordinator (filled)

UC Admissions Policy Coordinator (filled)

University Labor Relations Coordinator (filled)


Campus Climate Department

The Campus Climate Department will address all issues relating to campus climate at UC Berkeley and strives to make our campus a more diverse, inclusive, equitable, and safe for all students. The Department will work with community members to implement a series of workshops on Diversity and Inclusivity, Leadership Development, and Campus Safety. Additionally, the Campus Climate Department will actively seek student input on matters related to Campus Climate by hosting open forums on issues as well. The Campus Climate Department will receive input and guidance from community leaders and ASUC Senators, who act as official ASUC representatives to various campus communities.

Available Positions:

Campus Diversity and Inclusivity Program Coordinator (filled)

Leadership Development Program Coordinator (filled)

Campus Safety Coordinator (filled)

Sexual Assault Policy Coordinator (filled)

Multicultural Community Liaison (filled)